I do not want my photos to be posted online. Is that okay?

Absolutely! You are in total control over whether or not your photos go online! Every woman featured in our photos you’ve seen signed a contract allowing their photo(s) online. We have never, and will never pressure anyone to allow their photos online. That is 100% your call!

I'm not a model like the girls you guys shoot with!!

We hear this a lot.  Much to people's surprise, the majority of women we have shot with had ZERO experience with photoshoots prior to our shoot. Our job is to make women look like they've been shooting for years. The same will go for you!

But I am not super confident about my body.

You are not alone! Most people aren't. We assure you that any lack of confidence fades away as soon as your shoot starts rolling along and we're coaching you through everything. You're gonna feel like such a badass, that any negative self talk you had will be completely out the window. Trust us! It works exactly that way every time.

I just need to workout for a few months, and then I will be ready to shoot.

This is a very common reason we hear from women hesitating to book a shoot. And while we want you to feel your best during the shoot, we assure you that this will be a confidence building and empowering experience and that your photos will be AMAZING regardless of whether or not you’ve been hitting the gym.

I want to shoot with you guys!!! What's next??

Well Hell Yes!! All you need to do is go to the Let's Shoot page and send us a message! Liz will get back to you ASAP to discuss how our shoots work and answer any questions you might have so that we can create the most badass photos you've ever had taken!

I'm SUPER nervous!

This is the most common thing we hear from women who have booked a shoot, and is completely understandable. Taking off your clothes and having your photo taken is far from a typical experience. But within a few minutes you will be feeling like such a badass that you will completely forget why you were nervous in the first place. Works that way every time!