I cannot begin to describe how happy this experience has made me. You both made me feel so comfortable, not only to be able to undress and take pictures (haha), but also comfortable in my own skin.
— Iris
I’m not exaggerating when I state that they (the Photos) changed my entire perception of myself. The woman pictured gave no fucks. Owned her body. Owned her sexuality. And fucking rocked it. I am a Misfit Babe. Thanks for the memories, thanks for the photos, but most of all thank you for reminding me of that.
— Emily
Wow...what to say about my experience with these two beautiful humans?! As a mother of two it was super easy to get lost and that I did. I lost my inner beauty as a woman, human, wife and mother. Shooting with Zach and Liz brought that back to life.
— Amanda W
My photoshoot was amazing. I had a total blast. Everything is so light and fun and Liz is amazing behind the camera and in person!! I felt like a total babe the entire time!! Can’t wait to book another shoot!!
— Ashley