Let's Shoot

A few things to know:

  • Our shoots are not free. We are a business, we provide a professional service, and we gotta keep the lights on.

  • ALL SHOOTS ARE PRIVATE. Photos only go online with client's signed permission.

  • We have no "type" - we will shoot with ANY woman.

  • all shoots can be purchased via payment plan - minimum of $400 payment per month required.

Misfit Babes Shoots:

  • Unlimited shoot time that includes hair and makeup, styling, and pose instructing.

  • products available including fine art prints, albums, canvases, wall art, etc. Our most popular product is the custom designed 10"x10" Badass Misfit Babes Coffee Table Book featuring all photos from the shoot! It's DOPE AF!!

A few pages from our studio example Misfit Babes Coffee Table Book:

Now, HIT US UP AND let's create some BADASS photos!!!