Photographer - Zach (@misfit29studios)

Badasses - Liz (@thismisfitliz) & Laura (@misslauralynn_)

Location - Bloomington, IN

Date - 11.8.16.  

"Get Naked and Take Photos With Your Friends" A phrase that I first used as a caption for a photo on Instagram of one of Liz and I's best friends, Alicia (@popgoesalicia) naked and laughing during one of our shoots with her. Liz went pants-less for the entirety of the shoot as well. Get together with some friends, take your clothes off, take some photos…good times guaranteed.

Alicia ( @popgoesalicia)  naked and taking photos with her friends back in February.

Alicia (@popgoesalicia) naked and taking photos with her friends back in February.

Our shoots are fun. Damn fun. We laugh. We dance. We tell stories. The energy is incredible. Positive creative vibes and nothing but. I am quite confident that if you asked any of the 70+ badass women we have shot with, they would tell you something similar. I am also quite confident that most of those women would tell you that they consider Liz and I as friends of theirs…even if we’ve only been around them for the couple hours of their shoot. And they’re 100% right. The women we have shot with are most definitely our friends. Close friends. We’ve gained some of our now best friends from shooting with them.

Something amazing that Liz and I regularly comment on is how often women we shoot with tell us they love us. Which is fucking great. It makes us incredibly happy to know that women feel a love for us after they have gone through this entirely unique, nerve-racking experience that is completely out of their comfort zone.  We see it as proof that we are doing this thing of ours right. And it makes perfect sense…you should feel a strong connection with a photographer you have done a shoot like this with.  If they are doing it right, of course. My point is, because we do it right, we become close friends with the women we shoot with very quickly. So, when we say Get Naked and Take Photos With Your Friends, we mean that when you book a shoot with us, you will be doing just that.

So, what was originally used as (what I thought was) a dope sounding, as well as factual, caption for an Instagram photo, ended up becoming a perfect phrase for encouraging women to come and shoot with us.  There are also times when it still is just a literal description of what is going on in the photo.  This is one of those times.  Liz and Laura (a great friend of ours via Misfit Babes) getting naked while I take their photo.  Enjoy.

So Much Love.  - Z