Photographers - Liz (@thismisfitliz) & Zach (@misfit29studios)

Badass - Sasha (@nashasashka)

Location - Bloomington, IN

Date - 11.13.16

This woman.  Such a badass.  So excited to unveil this amazing shoot with Sasha - a fellow photographer of women and entrepreneur.  A fan of Misfit 29 for over a year, she drove 10 hours each way to and from western Iowa to shoot with us in here in Bloomington, IN.  She told Zach and I, that she chose our Advocate Shoot because; how could she expect the women she shoots with to be okay with their photos online if she’s not willing to do that herself. Hell Yes, Girl.  Exactly how I feel.  

Sasha absolutely walked the walk and killed this shoot.  She was down for anything, completely comfortable with nudity and took direction perfectly.  So much about our Advocate Shoots revolves around being open to try anything - getting naked in front of strangers, looking badass while holding challenging poses, getting sprayed with cold water, the list goes on.   By doing this - I feel that we transcend the comfort zone because we’re able to let go of insecurities, focus on being in the moment and channel nerves into creative work.  And that is exactly what Sasha did. She owned it. 

Thank you, girl - for driving 20 total hours to shoot with us and thank you for reaching out, for being bold, for stepping out of your comfort zone, and for your trust in us.  It is humbling and it means so much to collaborate and create with badasses such as yourself.

XOXO,  Liz