Photographer - Liz (@thismisfitliz)

Badass - Kathryn (@katmarris)

Location - Bloomington, IN


This Woman. Genuine. Inviting. Positive.  Fun.  Upbeat.  Sexy AF.  Badass.  

I first reached out to Kathryn about booking a shoot with us after checking out her Instagram and saying a few things to myself: “Man, the food in these photos looks amazing! (she’s an incredible private chef), “This woman seems super cool and totally our vibe”…grateful/kind/engaging/all the best things, “And MY GOD is she a babe!”

Something that I really love about what Zach and I do is how I am constantly getting to meet and become acquainted with women I (most likely) would not have met otherwise. Even better is when one of these women, whom I was so fortunate to meet, is someone I instantly click with as if we were already friends. Getting that wonderful easy feeling you have when you first meet someone and think, “I really like this person, we’re gonna be friends! Well, talking to Kathryn was like that.  We exchanged our stories of quitting our day jobs and doing what we wanted to do. It was refreshing.  I was even more stoked when she agreed to book a shoot with us in May.  I remember telling Zach, “I’m seriously fucking stoked to shoot with this woman! It’s gonna be a blast!”  

I am always so amazed how the majority of the days that we have a shoot scheduled end up being sunny and beautiful…even when the entire week before was the exact opposite!  The day of Kathryn’s shoot was no different. And, as if I wasn't excited enough as is, the second she gets here she hands me…Whaaat?! A HUGE bag of Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies!!!  Seriously.  I was overcome with cookie gratitude. 

Shooting with Kathryn was a dream, the outfits she brought were dope (fishnets, and a bomber jacket?! Hell yeah!!!), she worked the camera (those blue eyes, damn!), and took pose direction like a pro.  We had an absolute blast and the photos we created together were some of my favorites!!!

Always beyond grateful for badass women like Kathryn; grateful for their trust, their investment, and their badassness.  The high we get from creating together lasts for days and days. It’s a feeling that is impossible to properly explain. Plus, cookies, man. Cookies are dope.

And seriously, if you’re wanting amazing, fresh and delicious recipes, check out Kathryn’s blog -

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