Photographers - Liz (@thismisfitliz) & Zach (@misfit29studios)

Badass - Samantha (@samanthafuller__)

Location - Bloomington, IN

Date - 12.19.16

Not many people write handwritten letters anymore.  Most of the time, ya only get bills or junk mail when checking the mailbox. Which is why it was so damn awesome when we received an amazing, eloquent letter from Samantha, thanking us for shooting with her.  From the first time we messaged with her, we knew she was someone we wanted to shoot with.  Not only is she fit as hell, a complete bombshell, but she is so fucking polite.  She used proper grammar.  She asked questions.  She sent us tons of inspiration.  She constantly expressed her excitement and gratitude from the first moment we corresponded with her.  She was an instant collaborator.  And even though the shoot was months away, we couldn't wait to meet this badass babe.

Side note by Zach:  Something that particularly stood out with this shoot, in addition to Samantha’s amazingness, was her boyfriend, Terry. After Samantha had decided she was booking, and before we were able to send her an invoice for her shoot deposit, I received a message on our Misfit29 Instagram account from a guy named Terry.  He informed me that he was Samantha’s boyfriend, that she was extremely excited to shoot with us, that he wanted to pay for the shoot and he wanted it to be a surprise to her. Now, doing what we do, naturally we have “dealt with” a few boyfriends/husbands over the last couple of years.  Although, it is never us actually having to deal with them…it is the woman begrudgingly informing us that their boyfriend/husband is upset.  Typically in regards to the woman’s photos being online.  Which is fucking hilarious to Liz and I.  We have never once pressured a woman to sign a model release allowing us to post their photos.  Every time a woman’s photos have appeared online it is only because SHE was proud of the photos and SHE WANTED them online. So, a boyfriend/husband being selfish and saying too bad…I don't want ‘em online is fucking mind boggling to Liz and I.  But that is another blog post in itself.  And I should mention, most boyfriends and husbands have been awesome about their partner’s shoot. Thanks dudes! Terry not only requested to pay the deposit but also to pay the entire balance on Samantha’s shoot.  Each time I corresponded with him he had the dopest things to say. Telling us that she had wanted to do something like this for awhile and that he “only wants to support her 110%”. Thanking us for making her feel as beautiful as she is and that it means so much to him.  What a fucking badass. Being this supportive of someone you love and something that THEY want to do. Seriously, what an incredible partner. Love the dude and we’ve never even met him. You’re a badass, Terry. Major props!

Finally, it’s the day of Samantha’s shoot.  Right when we met her in person, we clicked, kindred spirit style. Once we started shooting Samantha gave us her complete trust, she was down for whatever we came up with, was comfortable being naked, had incredible input of her own, and her laid-back nature and willingness to learn made the shoot flow effortlessly. We had such a blast, we talked and laughed non-stop, and we created amazing photos together.

Of course, there’s always a high after the shoot that lasts throughout the night.  Hell, it usually lasts for wayyy longer.  It’s the high from creating something badass with another human being, the high from collaboration, the high from truly being in the moment, the high from transparent positive vibes, the high from gratitude.

Of course, we created incredible photos with Samantha.  Everything just seemed to click that day, the weather, the vibes, all of us.  But beyond getting incredible photos, an intimate connection was made and we found a truly kindred spirit.

Samantha, THANK YOU.  Thank you for reaching out, for asking questions, for using grammar, for truly collaborating, for your trust, for working it, for writing one of the greatest letters ever, for gracing us with your awesome positive vibes.  We’re eternally grateful.  Cannot wait to shoot with you again!!!  You are incredible.

Liz, Samantha, & Zach