Photographer - Liz (@thismisfitliz)

Badass - Kimberly (@kimberly_millerxo)

Location - Bloomington, IN

Date - 1.29.17

So, for as long as Zach and I have been doing this, I have wanted to do a maternity shoot.  But I had no interest in doing a maternity shoot as I typically see them.  Nothing against those shoots; they are beautiful, calm, soft and delicate and are a lovely option for women who want their pregnancy documented in that way.  Props to the talented photographers who do these and who do incredible work. But I had no interest in creating photos that are calm, soft or delicate.  I wanted to create badass photos with a badass, sexual woman who just happened to be pregnant.  I wanted a Misfit Babes Maternity Shoot.  And our amazing friend, Kimberly was badass and ballsy enough to be our first.  I wanted to shoot with Kimberly no different than I shoot with any other amazing woman that creates with us.

For this shoot, I had no interest in avoiding sexuality, nudity or fierceness.  In fact, I wanted to do the opposite.  Many times, my friends have told me all about how they’re horny as hell and feel badass while they’re pregnant.  So why not have maternity photos that celebrate the remarkable nude pregnant body, and the undeniable sexuality that it represents?

I can’t thank Kimberly enough, not only for her killer modeling skills but for trusting us, getting naked and being super laid back.  She made this shoot extremely easy, posed like a champ, and we had a fucking blast hanging out, and laughing together.  She has this amazing, positive energy that we just love to be around. She’s so dope.

Women are fucking incredible.  So often though, we are pigeonholed into categories - if we’re pregnant we can't be sexual, certainly not show it off.  But why?  I wanted to show that these two things (pregnancy and sexuality) are not mutually exclusive.  We can have it all - just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t get naked, show off how incredible you look & feel, and celebrate the fuck out of this most powerful of things - female sexuality.