“I believe a woman’s sexuality is one of the most powerful things in the world.” Emily says to Zach and I.  Then, without an ounce of inhibition, she proves that claim with her incredible modeling talents that are largely attributed to a completely fearless expression of her oh-so-very powerful sexuality.  With downtown LA as our backdrop, Zach and I created photos with Emily and Amanda as they modeled, constantly complimented each other, fired up their Snapchats, and inspired the hell out of us.  What Emily said resonated with me (obviously).  The female form, female sexuality is both bewitching and powerful.  It’s pure fucking magic. 

Within the recent year, I realized something that has been such an aid in defining and narrowing our mission with Misfit Babes.  Its not that we empower women with our photography. Though we do very much appreciate that compliment.  The women we create with are already empowered, are already bold.  We are here to celebrate that and them. We provide a platform for women to show the world just how badass they already are.

At a recent shoot with Natalija, after spraying her with cold water and having her work through a ton of poses, she looked at all of the Misfit Babes photos on our walls and said that she celebrated herself, as a woman, in the photos we create with all these badass women.  And that struck another cord with me - it got me thinking about how often we’re shooting with a woman and she will mention the other women we’ve shot with.  It reminded me how often these women excitedly tell us the Misfit Babes they love the most, their favorite recent photos, and ask us what the women in the photos are like. And this is just pure happiness for me…that the women we shoot with are fans of one another, fans of these beautiful, amazing women with whom we shoot with.  Fans of being celebrated, of the purely positive vibes, of creating together, and of being a part of what we are all building together.  

And yes, the photos we create play into the “Male Gaze” - so what? Most of us love positive attention…I certainly do. I have always welcomed and liked getting compliments from both males and females.  It feels good to be complimented.  And not discounting the male compliment whatsoever, but I really love receiving a compliment from a woman - its like an invisible bond - it’s the best.  The fact that women love what we do, compliment us for doing it, compliment the women whom we create it with, and want to be a part of it, is something that I am exceptionally proud of and eternally grateful for. 

One of the other aspects of the Misfit Babes Mission comes to mind - “I ain’t got no type, Bad Bitches is the only thing that I like” (Thank You, Rae Sremmurd.) - we do not just shoot with one type of woman. This year we have shot with women who are 37, 20, 49, 35 (and every age in between) - we have shot with women who have all different types of bodies (no two women’s bodies are the same, or really even similar, and we love that).  But…the women we have shot with, have this in common:  They are all fucking badasses.  And for these badasses, I am forever grateful.  Forever grateful for your trust to get naked and create with Zach and I, forever grateful for your boldness to just book a shoot (even if its just for yourself and not the world to see), forever grateful for your positivity and ease while we guide you through poses, take you on half-hour treks through the woods, and ask you to get in cold water, forever grateful to you for stepping out of your comfort zone.  Whoever knew, that getting outside of your comfort zone, could feel so exhilarating, and could possibly even feel more comfortable? One of the the greatest compliments that we consistently receive is a woman, after the shoot, saying to Zach and I “I can’t believe how comfortable I was!” Which is always fantastic to hear because that is exactly what we’re trying to do with all of this.  We wanted to establish an environment where women can step out of their comfort zone and, without judgement or negativity, comfortably celebrate this most powerful of assets…their sexuality.  One of the coolest things that we hear from every woman after a shoot is that there is always this high, this adrenaline rush, that can last for days after the shoot, and is completely amazing.  It is something that Zach and I both feel as well - this incredible energy that comes from creating with another human.  

I am so excited for the future of Misfit 29 (Zach & I) and Misfit Babes (the incredible badass women we have shot with, are shooting with and are going to be shooting with). We are going to keep building this unapologetic Misfit Babes Army of beautiful, brave, sexual women who collaborate and create badassness… together.  Let’s show that we can do what we want, dress how we want, get naked and have our photo taken, while also being a lawyer, a mom, a stripper, a doctor, a bartender, a teacher, a student.  Prove that we can be, and that we are, both. With fearless self-expression, Let’s celebrate the awesome Power that is Female.

XOXO,  Liz (and Zach)