Photographer - Liz (@thismisfitliz)

Model - O.J. (@ojay.xo)

Location - Bloomington, IN

Ayoo!!! Thank you so much for checking out Misfit29!!! Liz and I hope that everyone is having a badass day!!! This is our first post for what is becoming a pretty consistent photo series of ours. We've shot 5 sets with 4 women in 2 lots more Wigs & Gloves on the way! The idea (Liz's) was to shoot a set where the entire wardrobe be very minimal and simple but also something that would allow and encourage the woman to step outside of themselves a bit. Plus, naked. Naked always works well in photos. We've had a number of requests from clients for one of these sets during their upcoming shoots...which is always dope! For now, enjoy the magical combo that is Liz and O.J. and thank you again for coming through!   - Zach